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SUKDHA20 | Suzuki Hammond HA-20

Suzuki Hammond HA-20 (Suzuki Diatonic) - SUKDHA20 Synonymous with world-renowned organ, "Hammond" named after the organ model. Black coated cool design emits no other presence. Specifications Professional 10 Holes Diatonic 10 Holes 20 Notes 14 Keys Aluminum body Dimensions: 100 × 27 × 20mm Weight: 89g(case/45g) Key Avaliable: A, A ♭, B, B ♭, C, More Info »

Price: $98.00

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SUKTW20 | Suzuki Winner W-20

Suzuki Winner W-20 - SUKTW20 Quality Tremolo awaits you in this 20 double holes tremolo. Specifications Tremolo 複音 20 double holes with 20 notes. Notes: C, F, E, A, G, B, C, D, E, F, G, A, C, B, E, D, G, F, C, A Cover: Stainless cover Comb: Plastic comb Weight 130g Size: 155x30x25(mm) More Info »

Price: $21.00

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SUKDMR200 | Suzuki Harp Master MR200

Suzuki Harp Master MR-200 (Suzuki Diatonic) - SUKDMR200 Specification 10 Holes 20 Notes Stainless steel cover Resin body Dimensions: 103 × 30 × 22mm Weight: 63g (Case 47g) Keys: A, Ab, B, Bb, C, D, Db, E, Eb, F, F#, or G You might be interested in other Diatonic Products: You might be interested in More Info »

Price: $50.00

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SUKCSCX64 | Suzuki Chromatic SCX-64

Suzuki Chromatic SCX-64 - SUKCSCX64 Specifications Chromatic with Slide Lever Range: 64 Notes Chromatic Sliding 16 Hole Material: Brass body Body: ABS Plastic Comb Cover Plate: Nickel Plated Brass Reeds: Phosphor Bronze Dimensions: 195 x 45 x 30 mm Weight: 250g (case/110g) Key: C With Plastic Case Assembling and Dismantling of SCX Chromatic Harmonica You More Info »

Price: $370.00

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SUKOSCH24 | Suzuki Chord SCH-24

Suzuki Chord SCH-24 - SUKOSCH24 The Chord harmonica is an essential part of ensemble performance and Suzuki offer the most exclusive instruments of it's kind for your performance goals. Major and 7th chords are arranged on the upper row, and Minor, Diminished and Augmented chords are arranged on the lower row, which makes chords and More Info »

Price: $1,000.00

SUKCS48S | Suzuki Sirus S-48S

Suzuki Sirus S-48S - (Suzuki Chromatic) SUKCS48S The Suzuki SIRIUS S-48S combines excellent sound production and elegant design which will impress both audience and players alike. Specifications Chromatic with Slide Lever Range: Range:12-hole, 48 notes (c1 to d4) sliding chromatic. Material: Body: ABS plastic comb(body) contained with weighted brass. Cover: Brass with mat black chrome More Info »

Price: $790.00

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SUKDMR500 | Suzuki Fire Breath MR500

Suzuki Fire Breath MR-500 (Suzuki Diatonic) - SUKDMR500 MR-500 uses a fine rosewood comb. The new comb design is resistant to moisture and swelling. The mouth piece is rounded for a great comfortable feel and ideal for tongue-blocking technique. The durability for rosewood is regarded as one of the best in the 'Tonewood' Family. Specification More Info »

Price: $138.00

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SUKDMR550 | Suzuki Pure Harp MR550

Suzuki Pure Harp MR-550 (Suzuki Diatonic) - SUKDMR550 The MR-550 gives a rich, dark and bluesy tone. The re-designed phosphor bronze reeds, which are the heart of the instrument, produce mellow tones and make it easier to play the instrument chromatically, right out of the box. The richness of this harp is unmatched. Specification 10 More Info »

Price: $210.00

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HORDGM | Hohner Golden Melody

Hohner Golden Melody (Hohner Diatonic) - HORDGM The stylish design is of classic 1950s, completely harmonious and without any sharp corners. The covers are made to descend vertically down to the front of the comb and enclosing it completely, right up to the rounded ends, making the golden melody an exceptionally comfortable to hold. The More Info »

Price: $65.00

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HORCS64X | Hohner Chromatic Super 64X

Hohner Chromatic Super 64X | HORCS64X The gold-plated mouthpiece, plexiglass comb and double-thickness reed plates in the bottom 2 octaves ensure that the Super 64 X not only looks great but also has a uniquely powerful sound which has made it a favourite among professionals. Specifications Chromatic with Slide Lever Range: 64 Notes Chromatic Sliding More Info »

Price: $730.00

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HORC270D | Hohner Chromatic 270 Deluxe

Hohner Chromatic 270 Deluxe | HORC270D The Deluxe version of the traditional Hohner Chromatic (Chromonica) 270/48 has set another milestone in the manufacturing of top quality wooden-bodied chromatic harmonicas. The Chromonica 270/48 Deluxe incorporates a variety of improvements on the original classic 270 design, which optimise maintenance and ensure greater volume and faster response. It More Info »

Price: $300.00

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HORALLGOLD | Hohner Little Lady Gold Edition

Hohner Little Lady Golden Edition  - HORALLGOLD The Little Lady attained worldwide fame in 1965 when Walter Schirra, commander of the Gemini 6 manned space flight mission, used one to play “Jingle Bells” for the astonished team at Ground Control. With an overall length of only 35 mm it is one of the smallest playable More Info »

Price: $60.00

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HORDBLUES | Hohner Blue Harp

Hohner Blue Harp (Hohner Diatonic) - HORDBLUES Experience the Power of the blues. The Blues Harp is engineered for consistent volume and tone when used for intense blues playing. This harp can hang with the toughest players on their most serious gigs. Highly bendable with hard rocking sound, this harmonica is designed to emphasize all More Info »

Price: $60.00

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HORCMK | Hohner Chromatic Meisterklasse

Hohner Chromatic Meisterklasse - HORCMK Hohner Meisterklasse Chromatic Harmonica One of the Chromatic models of the Hohner professional series offers fantastic volume and amazing sound. The high quality workmanship and their easy handling gives the player a very good feeling. Specifications Chromatic with Slide Lever Range: 56 Notes Chromatic Sliding 14 Holes Body: Aluminium Cover More Info »

Price: $1,100.00

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HORDMK580 | Hohner Meisterklasse 580 MS

Hohner Meisterklasse 580 MS (Hohner Diatonic) - HORDMK580 Specification 10 Holes Cover: Stainless Steel Cover Comb: Aluminium Reed: Brass; 0.9 mm Dimensions: 105 × 27 × 21mm Weight: 250g Key: A, A ♭, B, B ♭, C, D, D ♭, E, E ♭, F, F ♯, G You might be interested in other Diatonic Products: More Info »

Price: $170.00

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HORABELT6 | Hohner Harmonica Belt HB6

Hohner Harmonica Belt HB6 - HORABELT6 * Harmonica shown in picture is not Included * The Hohner Harmonica Belt allows you to carry 6 diatonic with you easily on the waist. This Belt is must have for performancer as you might need many different keys of diatonic and having one belt allows you to have More Info »

Price: $100.00

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