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Caring for Your Harmonica

Your Harmonica is a delicated musical instrument. It requires considerable care and maintenance in order to perform well and last for a long time. Look out of the following steps.

  1. Do not let anyone else play with your harmonica for hygiene purpose.
  2. Never play after eating. If you need to at least rinse your mouth before playing. Food debris and sweet saliva will dirty the harmonica.
  3. Keep your harmonica clean and stored in a safe dry place. Avoid dust, dirt, and excessive heat and moisture.
  4. Try to keep the harmonica in a hard case or even a leather case that can keep the harmonica snugly will helps to reduce the dust on the instrument.
  5. If you abuse your harp by blowing to hard, the reeds may be damage. This is especially true for new harmonicas, give them several hours to “break in” or season.
  6. After playing your Harmonica, tap the Harmonica against your palm to remove or shake out excessive saliva that could reside in the reeds, then wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  7. Brush your teeth before playing if possible.
  8. Do not soak wooden combs in water or any liquid. Doing so might swell the wood resulting in improper air tightness. Most of the wooden comb Harmonica are precision engineered to ensure that air are tight so that you can play it effortlessly so do no soak them. What you might need to do is just gently wet it with water and use a brush to gently brush off the dirt and clean it.
  9. Remember, abusive choking is not recommended.
  10. Periodically clean the holes in your harmonica with a pin or sharp pointed knife to remove built up debris. dried saliva will gradually accumulate around the holes and, if not dislodged, will clog them.
  11. If a reed sticks, remove the covers and carefully free it with a single-edge razor blade or a pen knife.