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Harmonica MegaMall Suzuki Manji Challenge 2011

Here in Harmonica MegaMall we are preparing for Christmas Early!

We are running a Harmonica MegaMall Christmas Challenge 2011! What you need to do is just to take a picture of yourself with any Harmonica that you may have and email to us at

Then ask your friends to like Harmonica MegaMall and your picture.

The one with the most likes gets to walk away with a Suzuki Manji M-20, worth S$88, in either C, A or D key and a Swan 4 Hole MiniHarp Necklace worth S$5.

So here’s the Game Plan.

1. To enter the Challenge, please click “Like” on the Harmonica MegaMall Facebook Page.

2. Send us an E-MAIL with a photo of yourself with any harmonica to with the following, details,

a) Label the Subject Header as “Harmonica MegaMall Suzuki Manji Challenge 2011 – ″follow by your name, eg “Harmonica MegaMall Suzuki Manji Challenge 2011 – Manfred Ng″
b) In the email, include your Name.
c) Your email addresses on Facebook.
d) How many years have you been playing the Harmonica. (it is ok if you are absolute beginner)
e) Describe in at least 20 words, why you like Harmonica.
f) Send the E-MAIL  to us.

3. Check back at Harmonica MegaMall Facebook Page within a day or two. Your photo should have been uploaded to an Photo Album called “Harmonica MegaMall Christmas Challenge 2011

4. Tag yourselves after your photo is uploaded.

5. Invite your friends to “Like” Harmonica MegaMall Facebook Page.

6. Have your friends locate your photo in the “Harmonica MegaMall Christmas Challenge 2011″ album and vote for you by clicking “Like” on your photo.

7. The person with the highest number of “Likes” wins a Suzuki Manji M-20 with S$88 and a Swan 4 Hole MiniHarp Necklace worth S$5. The Challenge ends on Christmas Eve at noon time (1200 hrs) Singapore Time. Results will be announced immediately after closing on the Harmonica MegaMall Facebook Page. Winners will also be notified via email.

At exactly noon time (1200 hrs) on the 24th December 2011, we will tally the results, and the person with the most number of “Likes”, wins a Suzuki Manji M-20, worth S$88, and a Swan 4 Hole MiniHarp Necklace. This shall be a Christmas Gift from Harmonica MegaMall to you!

Wish you all the best in the Challenge and Merry Christmas!

SUZUKI MANJI M-20 Suzuki Manji M-20

Swan MiniHarp 1 | Harmonica MegaMall Swan 4 Hole MiniHarp Necklace

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Singapore’s First Diatonic Harmonica Class

We will be starting Singapore’s First Diatonic Harmonica Class! The following shall be covered.

  1. Introduction to a Diatonic
  2. How to hold
  3. Different methods of playing
  4. Draw Bending of notes on hole 4 and 6
  5. Familiarisation of notes of 10 holes diatonic
  6. By the end of the lesson you should be able to play a couple of songs

Date: 29th October 2011 – 17th December 2011 (Every Saturday)
Time: 2 pm to 3 pm
Venue: Bras Basah Complex (See below Map for directions)

View Larger Map

The normal course fees is S$250, being a Harmonica MegaMall’s customer entitles you guys to a 10% discount, so it is only S$225 for all Harmonica MegaMall customers!

Email us at or use the form below Now to Enrol!

For others who would like to join and already have a Diatonic, you may do so, but the Diatonic Harmonica must be one of the Diatonic Harmonica that is found in our Diatonic Listing . This restriction is to ensure that it is easier to learn how to bend with the minimum breath and to ensure that the diatonic will not be damage. For this course we will be only using the C Key Diatonic.

We will be also selling 10 hole Diatonic on the first lesson to ensure that all our participant has a diatonic to start off with.

Special 20Suzuki Harpmaster

Recommended Diatonic for beginners is either the Suzuki Harp Master or the Hohner Special 20 in C key.

Those who are interested pls click the following link to enrol NOW!

Enrolment Form

For Enquiries, please fill up the form below to find out more.

Do leave us a message by filling in the below form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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