Harmonica MegaMall Suzuki Manji Challenge 2011

Here in Harmonica MegaMall we are preparing for Christmas Early! We are running a Harmonica MegaMall Christmas Challenge 2011! What you need to do is just to take a picture of yourself with any Harmonica that you may have and email to us at harmonicamegamall@gmail.com. Then ask your friends to like Harmonica MegaMall and your […]

Singapore’s First Diatonic Harmonica Class

We will be starting Singapore’s First Diatonic Harmonica Class! The following shall be covered. Introduction to a Diatonic How to hold Different methods of playing Draw Bending of notes on hole 4 and 6 Familiarisation of notes of 10 holes diatonic By the end of the lesson you should be able to play a couple […]