HORC280 | Hohner Chromatic 64 / 280



Hohner Chromatic 64 / 280 | Chromonica 64 | HORC280

First conceptualized in 1938 and improved in numerous details throughout the
20th century. A top quality 4 octave chromatic for professionals and semi professionals. In addition to the excellent handling, the Hohner Chromatic 64 offers fast response in all octaves. The Hohner Chromatic 64 or commonly known as Hohner 280 in Singapore, features an extra octave in the lower register, which makes it possible to play a more advanced repertoire.


Chromatic with Slide Lever
Range: 64 Notes Chromatic Sliding
16 Holes
Body: ABS Plastic, Black
Reeds: Brass (1.05 mm Thickness)
Dimensions: 184 x 50 x 30 mm
Weight: 850g
Key: C

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