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HORDGM | Hohner Golden Melody

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Hohner Golden Melody (Hohner Diatonic) – HORDGM

The stylish design is of classic 1950s, completely harmonious and without any sharp corners. The covers are made to descend vertically down to the front of the comb and enclosing it completely, right up to the rounded ends, making the golden melody an exceptionally comfortable to hold. The Golden Melody is the only HOHNER Richter model Diatonic that is tuned to equal temperament, making it ideal for single note playing in all keys and ensuring its lasting popularity among jazz and melody players including world-renowned overblow specialists Howard Levy and Carlos del Junco.

You might also be interested in the Special Golden Edition of this Diatonic, The Hohner Golden Melody (Gold), it is available only in C Key.


10 Holes
Comb: Plastic body, Red
Reed: Brass; 0.9 mm
Dimensions: 105 × 27 × 21mm
Weight: 210g
Key: A, A ♭, B, B ♭, C, D, D ♭, E, E ♭, F, F ♯, G

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