HORALLB | Hohner Little Lady Brooch

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Hohner Little Lady Brooch – HORALLB

The Little Lady attained worldwide fame in 1965 when Walter Schirra, commander of the Gemini 6 manned
space flight mission, used one to play “Jingle Bells” for the astonished team at Ground Control. With an
overall length of only 35 mm it is one of the smallest playable series manufactured harmonica in the world
and shares the same high technical standards as its larger siblings. Whether as a pendant, a key ring or in a
tiny fitted jewel case, it makes the ideal gift article for every occasion


Four Holes capable of playing 1 Full Octave of Notes
Body: Pearwood(body).
Cover: Stainless Steel.
Reed: Brass.
Dimensions: 35 x 10 x 9 mm
Weight: 40 grams
Key: C

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