HORC270D | Hohner Chromatic 270 Deluxe

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Hohner Chromatic 270 Deluxe | HORC270D

The Deluxe version of the traditional Hohner Chromatic (Chromonica) 270/48 has set another milestone in the manufacturing of top quality wooden-bodied chromatic harmonicas. The Chromonica 270/48 Deluxe incorporates a variety of improvements on the original classic 270 design, which optimise maintenance and ensure greater volume and faster response. It is the ideal harmonica for established chromatic harmonica styles and also well suited to more contemporary playing techniques.


Chromatic with Slide Lever
Range: 48 Notes Chromatic Sliding
12 Holes
Body: Pearwood
Reeds: Brass (1.2 mm Thickness)
Dimensions: 155 x 50 x 30 mm
Weight: 500g
Key: C

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