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HORCAMADEUS | Hohner Chromatic Amaeus

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Hohner Chromatic Amaeus – HORCAMADEUS

The Amadeus Chromatic Harmonica is an exceptional Chromatic which are the flagship product from Hohner. The comb is precisely molded and the reed plates machined to a very tight tolerance to ensure that it is extra air-tight to safe the breath of the professional player. This allows all player that weld this harmonica to easily play the quality piece of music that they most wanted.

Each Symphony Graded Amadeus is 100% tested before being assembled. The mouth piece is ergonomically-formed to prevent any cut or discomfort on the player.


Chromatic with Slide Lever
Range: 48 Notes Chromatic Sliding
12 Holes
Body: Plastic, Acrylglass
Cover Plate: Stainless Steel
Reeds: Brass Chrome Plated (1.2mm Thickness)
Mouth Piece: Gold Plated
Dimensions: 195 x 50 x 30 mm
Weight: 500g
Key: C

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