HORCCX12B | Hohner Chromatic CX12 (Black)

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Hohner Chromatic CX12 (Black) | HORCCX12B

If are looking for a beautifully designed, air tight and easily maintain Professional Chromatic Harmonica, the CX-12 family of Chromatic Harmonica is your best bet!

The slide and housing (integrated mouthpiece and cover unit) can be disassembled without tools, reed plates are removable with a single screwdriver. Even the mouthpiece feels like a lover‘s kiss. Exceptional airtightness allows you to play longer in the same breath, something everyone is looking for! The reeds are engineered to ensures unbelievable volume, dynamics and response to what the musician and weld.

The elegant simplicity of the two part slide/housing construction is a work of genius. If you‘re looking for an ergonomically constructed Chromatic to play Rock, Pop, Blues or Folk, the CX-12 will be one that you will want to own. The high-end moulding technique used to manufacture this revolutionary design makes the result anything but ”cheap plastic“ and if you put it to your lips you‘ll realize why.

Please note that for any Key other than C key, there will be an additional charge of S$40 to the price of S$280 which adds up to S$320. It will not be reflected in the invoice generated by the system as our system do not currently support additional cost. The extra will be bill to the final invoice issued to you.


Chromatic with Slide Lever
Range: 48 Notes Chromatic Sliding
12 Holes
Body: Plastic Black
Reeds: Brass (1.05 mm Thickness)
Dimensions: 168 x 50 x 30 mm
Weight: 480g
Key: C

Step by Step Disassembling and Assembling of the Hohner CX12!

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