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SUKDMR550 | Suzuki Pure Harp MR550

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Suzuki Pure Harp MR-550 (Suzuki Diatonic) – SUKDMR550

The MR-550 gives a rich, dark and bluesy tone. The re-designed phosphor bronze reeds, which are the heart of the instrument, produce mellow tones and make it easier to play the instrument chromatically, right out of the box. The richness of this harp is unmatched.


10 Holes
Tone: Major tone
Material: Rosewood body
Dimensions: 100 × 27 × 21mm
Weight: 65g (Case 42g)
Key: A, A ♭, B, B ♭, C, D, D ♭, E, E ♭, F, F ♯, G, Hi G, Low F

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