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SUKDC20 | Suzuki Olive C-20

Suzuki Diatonic Olive _ Horizontal

Suzuki Diatonic Olive C-20 - 1Suzuki Diatonic Olive C-20 - 2Suzuki Diatonic Olive C-20 - 3Suzuki Diatonic Olive C-20 - 4
Suzuki Diatonic Olive C-20 - Construction

Suzuki Diatonic Olive C-20 - Comb

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Suzuki Olive C-20 (Suzuki Diatonic) – SUKDM20

This is the latest addition to the Suzuki Line of perfect Diatonic! We are among one of the first few shops that sell this in Singapore!

Olive in flower term means “Peace” and “Wisdom”. The Olive comes with a wooden comb resin similar to the Manji. The ease of playing of a Suzuki Olive comes from its zero air tight core. Something not seen in other brands of diatonic. This air tightness quality is not something easily achievable without having highly precision   engineered manufacturing process.

The air tight seal between component parts makes respond quickly to quick phrases and gives a sensitive tone and bending control. In addition, the Suzuki’s unique welded-reed manufacturing process gives unprecedented accuracy of the reed attachment, the most accurate reed/slot alignment of any manufacturer. This allows the reeds to resond flexibly to all advanced bending and overblowing technique to achieve a dynamic, deep sound.


10 holes 20 Notes
Wood Fiber plastic body Stainless Steel cover
Dimensions: 100 × 27 × 20mm
Weight: 65g (Box 45g)
Key: A, Ab, B, Bb, C, D, Db, E, Eb, F, F #, G, Hi G, Low F

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