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SUKTSU21W | Suzuki Humming Hi-Class Tremolo SU-21W

Suzuki Humming SU21 HIgh Class

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Suzuki Humming High Class Tremolo SU-21W

(Composite Wood Comb) – SUKTSU21M

The Suzuki Humming SU-21M had been a very famous model and a leading seller for Suzuki since it debut. After Suzuki evaluated the market, they find that they could make production more efficient by replacing the Maple Wood Comb with the Proprietary Comb that was vastly used in the Suzuki Manji.

The composite comb was a material created by Suzuki Music founder Manji Suzuki which rock the harmonica world with this unique material that is a combination of 50% Wood and 50% fibre. This composite comb provides the warm tonality that wood can provides but removes the possibility of swelling that competitors had.

This solves all the issue and is most suitable for the humid asian climate. Thus it had been the selling work horse for Suzuki since it started introducing the model.

This is also the top selling model we have in our store!

The reed plates featured the same trust worthy reed plates used in Suzuki Humming SU-21H.

If you thinking of getting one last Tremolo, look no where else, SU21 Humming HIgh Class is definitely the one and only one to choose from!


Tremolo 複音
21 holes
Cover: Nickel plated brass cover
Comb: Wood Fibre Composite Comb
Dimensions: 164 × 31 × 23mm
Weight 124g(case/65g)
Case: Plastic case
All 12 Major and Minor keys

Former Video with the SU21 Humming High Class with wooden comb

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