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SWANC48 | Swan Chord SW48HX

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Swan Chord SW-48HX – SWANC48


Silver plated.
48 chords
2 Chord Harmonicas connected together. Each has 24 suites.
First one: Gb Db Ab Eb Bb F C G D A E B
Db7 Ab7 Eb7 Bb7 F7 C7 G7 D7 A7 E7 B7 F#7
Second one:
F#m C#m Abm Ebm Bbm Fm Cm Gm Dm Am Em Bm
C#aug G#dim7 Ebaug BbDim7 Bbaug Cdim7 Gaug Ddim7 Aaug Edim7 Eaug F#dim7
Cover: Polished stainless steel cover plate
Dimensions: W320 x H60 x D75mm
Weight: 900g (With Case 1400g)

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