Singapore’s First Diatonic Harmonica Class

We will be starting Singapore’s First Diatonic Harmonica Class! The following shall be covered. Introduction to a Diatonic How to hold Different methods of playing Draw Bending of notes on hole 4 and 6 Familiarisation of notes of 10 holes diatonic By the end of the lesson you should be able to play a couple […]

Caring for Your Harmonica

Your Harmonica is a delicated musical instrument. It requires considerable care and maintenance in order to perform well and last for a long time. Look out of the following steps. Do not let anyone else play with your harmonica for hygiene purpose. Never play after eating. If you need to at least rinse your mouth […]

Introduction to Blog

Welcome to Harmonica MegaMall, we have been established for approximately 9 months. There were many questions being asked by our customers as in what to select, what to buy, how to play among many others. All these questions lead us to want to create blog articles and post them in Harmonica MegaMall to answers to […]